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Change Theory


Mind Map on Change Theory, created by Neds Amiri on 09/24/2015.
Neds Amiri
Mind Map by Neds Amiri, updated more than 1 year ago
Neds Amiri
Created by Neds Amiri over 6 years ago

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Change Theory
  1. Proactive
    1. Continous
      1. Endless Modification
        1. Harmonic
        2. Prescribed
          1. 1st order change
            1. predictable
              1. low uncertainty
              2. Planned
                1. More Fact-driven
                2. Reactive
                  1. Episodic
                    1. equilibrium interruption
                      1. Dramatic
                      2. Constructive
                        1. high uncertainty
                          1. diverge from current order
                            1. 2nd order change
                              1. unpedictable
                              2. Emotional
                                1. unplanned
                                  1. Irrational
                                  2. Change Success Factors
                                    1. Number Of sub-Changes
                                      1. Adherence to timeline
                                        1. General consensus
                                          1. Employee Satisfaction
                                          2. Key Performance indicators
                                            1. Financial Gains
                                              1. Consumer Satisfaction
                                                1. Defect Rate
                                              2. Cause & Effect Relationship
                                                1. Correlation Coefficience
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