Representation Research

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Representation Research

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Representation Research
1 Gender
1.1 Females stereotypically portrayed as weak and helpless.
1.2 Males stereotypically portrayed as the masculine hero.
1.3 Gender equality.
1.4 Horror films - usually a female victim in distress. Usually a male antagonist.
1.5 Males seen as stronger and threatening, females seen as the weaker victims in the films e.g. The Exorcist, The Silence of the Lambs.
2 Race
2.1 Majority of cast in horror films are caucasian.
2.2 Lack of black influence in the horror genre.
2.3 Could argue that horror films have not developed in the modern film industry in terms of equality.
3 Sexuality
3.1 Females often objectified through their body features.
3.2 Men sometimes stereotypically seen as predators - only after sex.
3.3 Stockholm Syndrome - stereotypically women who find attraction in their submissive state as the victim. Men seen as the dominant individual.
3.4 Some criminals powered by sexual desire or sexual identity e.g. The Silence of the Lambs
4 Disability
4.1 In terms of horror - if physically disabled, usually struggle to escape from the antagonist - unfair disadvantage.
4.2 Common to see that the antagonist in horror films struggles with psychosis.
4.3 Psychological disabilities - e.g asylum setting - patients are not necessarily the evil ones.
4.4 Disabilities are portrayed negatively.
5 Age
5.1 Typically teenagers who are the victims.
5.2 Very young and very old are not commonly featured in horror films.
5.3 Portrays teens as being naive and devious.
5.4 Young characters usually rely on more authoritative older character to intervene.
6 Regional Identity
6.1 Usually American
6.2 Antagonist/Evil Person tends to have an English accent - could link to the War of Independence.
6.3 North America
6.4 English horror films are typically set in London or the countryside.
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