Costumes and make-up

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Costume and make-up of characters.

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Costumes and make-up
1 The spirit, Eva's costume was a white gown and covered her face with her long black hair. We chose this as the costume as with our opening being very low key, it meant that if the spirit wore black, it may not have been visible or wouldn't have looked as effective. However, having a white gown meant you could see the long black hair cvering her face and looks very scary, which was what we were aiming for and representing the spirit as scary was our main goal
2 We covered her face with hair as using make-up would've been very difficult to use and create a scary look as it may have had a reverse effect and made it look funny. I feel that it would be difficult to represent the spirit as scary without having professional make up artists that are used in very famous films.
3 There was no set costume or makeup for the main character as she had to dress as herself, which was the typical dress code for teenagers. This was a red tartan dress with black jeans and a coat, showing that it is cold and dark, raising enigmas and creating a mysterious feel/atmosphere.
4 We felt that having an over-exaggerated costume and make-up that it would look very unrealistic and over the top for the opening and didn't want to create the impression that it was a film trailer.
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