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Grace Cambridge
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Grace Cambridge
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A mind map of discounted ideas for my media coursework

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Discounted Ideas
1 We Are - Andy Jordan
1.1 This idea was only chosen by 3 people in my questionnaire which suggested to me that it wasn't particularly appealing to my target audience which isn't good as the video needs to appeal to my target audience in order to get views
1.2 Another reason I discounted this idea was because it is quite a hard song to come up with a narrative for and the lyrics don't really help with the construction of a narrative. I feel this is the hardest of the ideas.
1.3 I also discounted this idea because I felt as if I would get bored of listening to this song over and over again as the song is very repetitive and i feel that if I got bored of the song I wouldn't produce my best work which this needs to be.
2 Geography - Andy Jordan
2.1 This song scored the lowest of all of the choices on my questionnaire with only 1 person choosing it. This showed that this option was not particularly popular and people would rather watch another music video than this on so I don't feel as if this would be a good music video to create
2.2 I like this song however it is about a classic love story, a song that has been done many times before and i think it would be hd to create an original music video of this, as so many ideas have already been used
3 Great Escape - Mike Dignam
3.1 This song only got three votes on my questionnaire so therefore it was not the most popular so I don't think it would make a successful video
3.2 Another reason I discounted this idea is because I think it would be very hard to portray the message that is trying to be got across. I have seen the artist perform live and know the meaning behind the idea and don't feel as if I could do the song justice in the music video
4 I Don't Wanna Be- Gavin DeGraw
4.1 The main reason for discounting this idea is that it only 3 people picked this song from the 5 available. Showing that many people didn't like this idea
4.2 Another reason why I discounted this idea is because it already has a music video and I feel like I would constanly be comparing my music to it and this would make it hard to create a music video for this song
4.3 I also feel that this would be the hardest music video to create because the lyrics of the song would be hard to create a video around
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