Process Groups

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ProcessGroups and processes inside each group in details

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Process Groups
1 Initiating
1.1 Identify Stakeholders and determine theit Expectations, influence, and impact
1.2 Select a project manager
1.3 Determine company culture and existing system
1.4 Collect processes,, procedures, and historical information
1.5 Understand business case ( project)
1.6 Divide large project into phases
1.7 Uncover initial requirements, assumptions, risks, constraints and existing agreements
1.8 Asses project and product feasibility within the given constraints,
1.9 Create measurable objectives
1.10 Develop project charter
2 Planning
2.1 Determine how you will plan for each KA
2.1.1 Determine Detailed requirements Create Project Scope Management Assess what to purchase and create a procurement documents Determine Planning team Create WBS and WBS Dictionary Create Activity list Create Network Diagram Estimate Resource requirements Estimate time and cost Determine Critical Path Develop schedule Develop Budget Determine quality standards, processes, and metrics Create process improvement plan Determine all roles and responsibilities Plan communication and stakeholder engagement Perform risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, and risk response planning Go Back -- Iterations Finalize requirement documentation Create change mangement plan Finalize how to execute and control all parts of management plan Develop realistic and final PM Plan and performance measurement base line Gain formal approval of the plan Hold kick off meeting
3 Executing
4 Monitoring and Controlling
5 Closing
5.1 Confirm Work is done to requirements
5.2 Complete Procurment Cllosure
5.3 Gain final acceptance of the product
5.4 Hand of completed Product
5.5 Solicit feedback from the customer about the project
5.6 Complete final performance reporting
5.7 Gather final lessons learned and update knowledge base
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