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Mapa mental que da una breve explicación sobre los 10 factores que influencía en la cultura y su forma de hacer negoicos

Resource summary

  1. Comunication and Landuage
    1. Comunication Sistem
      1. Non-verbal
        1. Verbal
      2. Sense of Self and Space
        1. The comfort one has with self
          1. Some cultures are very close
            1. Some cultures are open and changing
            2. Dress and Appearance
              1. Things that tend to be culturally distinctive
                1. Body decorations
                  1. Outward garments
                    1. Adornments
                  2. Food and Feeding Habits
                    1. The manner in wich food is selected, prepared, presented, and eaten
                      1. Food prohibision around the world
                        1. The hand that hold thid:
                      2. Time and Time Consciousness
                        1. Sense of time differs by culture and their presition
                          1. Some cultures manage their times by seasons
                            1. In some cutures is determinated by age
                          2. Relationships
                            1. Culture fix human and organizational relations ships.
                              1. The acceptance difers from the culture
                              2. Values and norms
                                1. The need system of culture vary.
                                  1. Levels
                                    1. Survival: 1.-Food 2.-Shelter 3.-Covering
                                      1. High Security Needs: 1.-Material things 2.- Money 3.-Job 4.- Law and order
                                  2. Belief and attitudes
                                    1. Cultures try to understand how the world works
                                      1. Primitive cultures: They believed in a lot of gods
                                        1. Today
                                          1. Western: Islam, Judaism,Chirstianism
                                            1. Eastern or Asian: Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism.
                                        2. Mental Process and Leraning
                                          1. Preferences
                                            1. Brain development
                                              1. Differences in the way people think and and learn
                                            2. Work habits and Practices
                                              1. Work has been defined as effort toacomplish something
                                                1. Different manners of dividing work depends on culture
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