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You will find a mind map about youth music and trends

Resource summary

1 Content
1.1 Most popular Genres
1.1.1 Electronic
1.1.2 Rock
1.1.3 Pop
1.1.4 Metal
1.1.5 Reggae
1.1.6 Rap
1.2 Musical Instruments
1.3 Recognized artists and songs
2 Culture
2.1 Cultural Identity
2.2 Youth Musical Trends
2.3 Peer review
3 Communication
3.1 Language of learning
3.1.1 Key vocabulary
3.1.2 Passive Voice
3.1.3 Present and Past Tenses
3.1.4 Language of describing., defining, explaining
3.2 Language for learning
3.2.1 Contrasting
3.2.2 Making research
3.2.3 Language of expressing ideas and opinions
3.3 Language through learning
3.3.1 New Vocabulary
3.3.2 Extending presentation skills
3.3.3 Descrbing trends
4 Cognition
4.1 Comparing/contrasting different musical genres
4.2 Describing Musical Instruments
4.3 Identifying musical genres
4.4 Creating and designing an oral report
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