Our Afro-colombian heritage

Luz ANgela BAena
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A CLIL unit description on Afroameerican heritage

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Our Afro-colombian heritage
1 Cognition
1.1 ANalyzing the influence of african culture in our colombian context
1.2 Contrasting african with spanish influence in our colombain context
1.3 Evaluating the relevance of African heritage in our context
1.4 Criticize afro-colombian situation and propose solutions to make it more relevant in our country
2 content
2.1 The history on how African people arrived to Colombia
2.2 Customs, beliefs and traditions that African people brought to COlombia
2.3 Relevant Afro-Colombian people
2.4 Diversity in our country
2.5 Tolerance, respect and diversity
3 culture
3.1 Our Afro-colombian musical heritage
3.2 Our afro-colombian citizenship heritage
3.3 Human rights and afro- colombian heritage
3.4 We are all afro- colombian
3.5 Values of Afro- colombian people
4 communication
4.1 Language of learning
4.1.1 Vocabulary Race and physical appeareance Places of the world: Continents and
4.1.2 Grammar Simple and continuous present Simple past
4.2 Language for learning
4.2.1 Language for describing people and places and events
4.2.2 Languge for contrasting facts and opinions
4.2.3 Language for expressing opinions
4.3 Language through learning
4.3.1 Learning to express opinions and thoughts
4.3.2 Narrating events and contrasting them
4.3.3 Offering and giving feedback
4.3.4 Using respectful language to talk about different cultural groups
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