Exciting Destinations Around The World

Natali Sarmiento
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Exciting Destinations Around The World
  1. Culture
    1. Indetify international and local dishes.
      1. Recall historical places and landmarks of Colombia
        1. Indetify positive aspects about Colombian tourism
          1. Change the Colombia's stereotype through the creation of a Colombian travel guide.
          2. Communication
            1. Language for learning
              1. Language for talking about things people can do in their cities
                1. Language for explaining the meaning of a word.
                  1. Language for expressing likes and dislikes
                  2. Language through learning
                    1. Expressing opinions
                      1. Exemplifying information
                      2. Language of learning
                        1. Grammar
                          1. Use of can and can't
                            1. Use like to explain words
                              1. Use like to express likes and dislikes
                              2. Vocabulary
                                1. Countries
                                  1. Continents
                                    1. Nationalities
                                      1. Typical food
                                        1. Tourist Places
                                    2. Content
                                      1. Indentifying countries and continets.
                                        1. Knowing typical food and tourist places.
                                        2. Cognition
                                          1. Contrasting and comparing different countries.
                                            1. Create and present a travel guide about Colombia.
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