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prison homework p1
Emile Luciano
Mind Map by Emile Luciano, updated more than 1 year ago
Emile Luciano
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  1. physical security
    1. walls
      1. gates
        1. barbewire
          1. locks
            1. alarms
              1. fences
                1. cells
                  1. watch towers
                    1. cctv
                      1. guard dogs
                        1. motion sensors
                          1. guards
                            1. patroles
                              1. search area this is where guards will search any area of the prison they feel necessary to find any contraband, they may use search dogs.
                                1. security checks in all areas routine and non routine
                                  1. search equipment
                                  2. dynamic security
                                    1. prison officer
                                      1. patrol
                                        1. wellbeing of prisoner
                                        2. movement of individuals
                                          1. watch over visits to make sure no contraband is being
                                            1. smuggled in.
                                            2. good bond with prisoner so that there will be less confrontation and may be well behaved also source of information
                                            3. constructive regimes
                                              1. gym
                                                1. education
                                                  1. classes for treatment e.g. anger management
                                                  2. intelligence systems
                                                    1. analysis of prisoners
                                                      1. collection of intelligence
                                                        1. keepin an eye on gang activity and regulars
                                                          1. its important to know a prisoners background an what there in for, it may help you to deal with them.
                                                          2. its important to have a secure environment so that guards and prisoners
                                                            1. are kept safe and so that prisoners do not escape.
                                                          3. procedural security
                                                            1. ensure physical and dynamic security policies are carried out
                                                              1. staff training
                                                                1. security comes first in any activity
                                                              2. a possible security risk would be a rumour of contribnd
                                                                1. the prison would be put on lock down and searches would begin
                                                                  1. they would use guards cctv sniff dogs and search equipment for this
                                                                2. if a prisoner is being aggressive in his cell
                                                                  1. then guards will put on riot gear and open the cell door
                                                                    1. and rush in and detain the prisoner
                                                                  2. documents and records
                                                                    1. categorisation is used for severity of crime, risk of escape,risk to public if they did escape,length of sentence.
                                                                      1. catorgary B is more of a high security area/prison for more severe crimes.
                                                                        1. catorgary C is basically a lower version of B
                                                                          1. and open prison is where prisoners from other categories go if they have been on good behaviour for a long time or close to realise
                                                                      2. female establishment is for female prisoners
                                                                        1. as they must be separate from males as theres a chance of rape etc.
                                                                          1. which leads us to young offenders as they would be the same risk
                                                                            1. and risk of abuse and would be more daunting for the younger
                                                                              1. also theres a more chance youngers will change as they are still developing.
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