Dreams and Goals

Alexandra Wei
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Alexandra Wei
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a mind map about dreams and goals

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Dreams and Goals
  1. 1 Year
    1. Finish grade 10 with grade with straight As.
      1. Get a job
        1. Volunteer at a camp in the summer.
          1. Run the 10k in less than 50 minutes.
            1. Become more flexible for dance and do 16 fouette turns.
            2. 10 years
              1. Have my life on track and focused for where I want to go in the future.
                1. Keep working at my university degree.
                  1. Have a successful part time job.
                  2. 5 years
                    1. Graduate high school and get into a good university.
                      1. Be happy with my life decisions so far
                        1. Travel Australia and Greece.
                          1. Get my drivers license.
                          2. 15 years
                            1. Complete my university degree.
                              1. Have my dream job
                                1. Design my own house.
                                  1. Do some travelling and go to all the continents in the world.
                                  2. 20 years
                                    1. Stay fit
                                      1. Settle down and have a family (2-3 kids)
                                        1. Make enough money to give my kids the future they deserve.
                                          1. Get married
                                          2. 25 years
                                            1. Be happy with my job.
                                              1. Keep in touch with my parents
                                                1. Take my family on a vacation
                                                2. 50 years
                                                  1. Pay off my mortgage.
                                                    1. Retire
                                                      1. Have my kids be successful and prepared for their futures.
                                                        1. Be happy with my life decisions.
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