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a mind map of the range of contents for Spanish GCSE topic of school

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School topic
1 where it is?
1.1 what verb do I need: ser or estar
2 what is it like?
2.1 mixed/ all girls/ boys
2.1.1 what is your opinion of mixed classes? what would it be like to be all boys/ girls? Me gustaria que..+ subjunctive the school was all girls: use a past tense


3 what is your day like? lesson times, start, finish, length of lessons
3.1 your chance to show off plurals: las clases duran
3.1.1 what about break and lunch?
4 uniform
4.1 can you describe it
4.1.1 what is your opinion of it? what aspects of it do you think are good/ bad how would you like it to be? me gustaria que.. prefer own clothes
5 school rules
5.1 what is your opinion of them
6 what would your ideal school be like
6.1 what range of verb tenses can you show?
7 school subjects
7.1 opinions
7.1.1 what did you choose and why? what are your future plans
8 teachers: what are they like
8.1 what do you not like no me gusta que + subjunctive
9 what about problems like bullying?
10 facilities
10.1 what has the school got? what would you like it to have
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