Freedom and Conscience Moral Law

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Freedom and Conscience Moral Law
1 Man is a free, moral being
1.1 Responsible for his own actions
2 Human freedom is limited by the unique circumstances of each person's life
3 True love is a free gift of oneself
3.1 This will lead us to self mastery conscience
3.1.1 This is the practical application of the objective moral law to concrete circumstances
4 Everyone has the free will to choose between good and evil
4.1 Freedom is not easy because along with it comes responsibilites
5 What is Conscience
5.1 Witnessed in both Sacred Scripture and human experience
5.2 We need to exercise our moral conscience
5.3 It applies moral truth and is not an infallible guide and can be ignorant or blinded
6 True freedom is not doing whatever you want but doing what you ought
6.1 Good moral actions make us freer, and bad make us slave to sin
6.1.1 The more kowledge one posses, the more morally responsible one is for his/her actions
7 Conscience
7.1 The conscience is precious but delicate
7.2 Our ego gets in our way, and making it incapable of responding
7.3 A well formed conscience is informed by the creator
7.3.1 Adopt a flexible plan
8 Six ways to develop a well formed conscience
8.1 1. Learn moral teaching of the church
8.2 2. Approach matters of faith and morals with an attitude of humility
8.3 3. Sincere prayer and mediation
8.4 4. Frequent and honest self examination
8.5 5. Sacrament of reconciliation- frequent
8.6 6. Spiritual direction
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