Freedom Riders

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Freedom Riders Mind Map

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Freedom Riders
1 May 4, 1961
1.1 Washington, D.C.
1.1.1 New Orleans, LA start a national movement challenge segregation nonviolence Fight Jim Crow 12 buses; 6 Greyhound & 6 Trailways integration was threatening an age-old tradition September 1961 ICC prohibited segregation on buses & trains June 1946 U.S. Supreme Court struck down segregation; South didn't obey laws EQUALITY JUSTICE PEACE LIBERTY CHANGE KKK MLK, Jr. Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth Robert Kennedy JFK CORE James Farmer John Lewis
2 Birmingham, AL
2.1 Bull Conner
2.1.1 Public Safety Commissioner
2.1.2 provided no police protection
3 Anniston, AL
3.1 May 14, 1961
3.1.1 Mob - 200 men
3.1.2 bus bombed
4 Montgomery, AL
4.1 Gov. John Patterson
4.1.1 Martial Law U.S. Marshals
5 Jackson, MS
5.1 Gov. Ross Barnett
6 Atlanta, GA
7 Rock Hill, SC
8 Greensboro, NC
9 Richmond, VA
10 celebration of anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education
11 13 Freedom Riders
11.1 tried to use Whites Only facilities
11.2 tremendous violence
11.2.1 Diane Nash Nashville, TN Fisk University
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