Elements of the Novel

Addison Morris
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Elements of the Novel
  1. characters
    1. Homero/ Linas dad
      1. lonely
        1. sad
        2. Lina
          1. skinny
            1. polite
            2. Vanessa
              1. funnny
                1. mean
              2. setting
                1. late 1900
                  1. town/city
                  2. confetti girl
                    1. by Diana Lopez
                    2. Theme
                      1. things will get better even though it seems like there getting worse
                        1. Linas dad went from a sad person who always had his head stuck in books to a happier person who paid more attention to the world around him
                        2. Main conflict
                          1. Linas dad got stuck to books
                              1. Linas mom passed away
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