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The Moral Act


Moral act mind map
Jack Teerlinck
Mind Map by Jack Teerlinck, updated more than 1 year ago
Jack Teerlinck
Created by Jack Teerlinck over 6 years ago

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The Moral Act
  1. Human Beings as Moral Agents
    1. Every human being faces moral decisions
      1. is morally responsible for their own moral actions
    2. Nature of a Moral Act
      1. Involves both deliberation and choice
        1. Moral Content
          1. choice between good and evil
            1. Affects the character of the person
      2. True Freedom
        1. not doing whatever we want, but doing what we ought
        2. Moral action and freedom
          1. Good moral actions make us freer
            1. Bad moral actions make us slaves to sin
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