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Conscience Thing

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  1. Excercise our moral conscience
    1. Its our duty to expand our moral conscience
    2. Not an infallible guide
      1. Sometimes our conscience can be skewed
        1. We need to examine our conscience carefully
        2. Applies to moral truth
          1. We need to think before we act
          2. Living a Moral Life
            1. Freedom and Conscience
              1. Man is free
                1. We have the freedom to do what we want
                2. We are responsible for our actions
                  1. Every choice has a consequence
                  2. Limited by each persons life
                    1. Everybody has a different life and a different situation
                  3. The Moral Act
                    1. Doing what you ought
                      1. Think before you act and make the right decision
                      2. Gods moral actions
                        1. Make us freer
                        2. Bad moral actions
                          1. Make us a slave to sin
                        3. Love
                          1. Taken or required
                            1. If so then love is not free
                          2. Freedom and Responsability
                            1. More knowledge
                              1. More moral responsability
                              2. Moral evil
                                1. Reject Gods moral law
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