Freedom & Conscience

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freedom and conscience

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Freedom & Conscience
1 human freedom
1.1 limited by the unique circumstances of each person's life
1.2 true freedom is not doing whatever you want, but whatever you ought
1.3 good moral actions make us freer, bad moral actions make us a slave to sin
1.3.1 a moral act involves both deliberation and choice, has a moral content, and affects the character of the person a moral act is an action that results from a deliberate choice between good and evil
1.4 if love is taken or required, it is no longer free
2 conscience
2.1 practical application of the objective moral law to concrete circumstances
2.2 the reality of conscience is witnessed in both sacred scriptures and through human experience
2.3 we both have a right and a duty to exercise our moral conscience
2.4 a good conscience applies moral truth; not create it
2.5 conscience fails when the objective moral law is ignored
2.6 conscience is not an infallible guide and can be ignorant/blinded
2.7 how is conscience formed?
2.7.1 practice and frequent self examination frequent reception of reconciliation when repeatedly ignored, becomes numb to wrongdoing and ceases to function as it should
2.7.2 every christian is called by baptism to be a saint
2.8 contrition - sorrow for our sins
2.8.1 purpose of amendment - intention to avoid sin in the future
2.8.2 spiritual direction
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