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Question Answer
How can caesura affect a poem? Can disrupt the rhythm: 'O! Carve not thy hours', (Vocative O) Can slow the pace, A lack of caesura can quicken the pace, Can act as a method to pause and reflect.
What is quotidian language? Ordinary language i.e. 'each in a separate bed' - the rooms of the lovers - ordinary.
What is this sentence an example of: 'I gave her food, shelter, water.' Asyndetic listing. (when usual pronouns are missing)
What is an example of an Alexandrine? John Donne's 'The Anniversary': final lines of each stanza are 12 syllables as opposed to 10. Donne uses it to show that his love knows no boundaries and does not answer to convention.
How can you identify an apostrophe? It's a poem or speech directed towards a person or personified thing. Exclamatory.
What is the difference between a Petrarchan sonnet and a Shakespearean Sonnet? Shakespearean sonnet ends on a rhyming couplet. Petrarchan sonnet rhyme: ABBABBA Shakespearean sonnet rhyme: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
What effect can repetition have within a poem? Increases musicality and emotional appeal
How can you identify a Petrarchan sonnet from a Shakespearean? Petrarchan is 14 lines with a rhyme scheme of ABBABBA Shakespearean is also 14 lines but the rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
What are paradoxical lines? In Shakespearean sonnets, paradoxical lines are used at the end of the sonnet which contradicts the previous argument. Represents the contradictions that love breeds.
What effect do monosyllabic lines have on a poem? Conveys intense emotion
What is antithesis? Opposing words which create sharp and striking effects.
What is the effect of internal rhyme? Emphasises the meanings of words along with having a unifying effect