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emy eazziany
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  1. Ribosomes
    1. structure
      1. made up of dozens of distinct protein
        1. consist of two subunits
          1. large subunit
            1. small subunit
          2. function
            1. sites of protein biosynthesis
              1. process translating mRNA into protein
              2. two subunits bind around the polymers of mRNA
                1. synthesis of protein
                  1. translate genetic message of mRNA into protein during DNA translation
              3. Plasmid
                1. characteristics
                  1. small
                    1. circular
                      1. double-stranded DNA
                        1. commonly found in bacteria
                        2. function
                          1. pieces of membrane that can manipulated through the use of restriction
                            1. as a basis for bacterial transformation
                          2. Nucleoid
                            1. meaning
                              1. nucleus-like
                                1. irregular shape within the cell
                                  1. called genophore
                                2. characteristic
                                  1. contains DNA
                                    1. vary in size
                                      1. DNA strand
                                        1. individual or pairs
                                          1. circular or oval
                                        2. function
                                          1. contain proteins and enzymes
                                            1. acts as biological catalysts
                                            2. primary center for DNA transcription
                                              1. as a less structured way for prokaryotes
                                            3. Plasma membrane
                                              1. definition
                                                1. composed by two layers of phospholipids
                                                  1. embedded with proteins
                                                    1. phospholipid bilayer
                                                    2. semi-permeable membrane
                                                      1. allow only certain substaince into and out of the cell
                                                        1. Surrounded
                                                          1. cytoplasm
                                                            1. other constituent of the cell
                                                        2. function
                                                          1. separate the contents from outside environment
                                                            1. regulate what enter and out of the cell
                                                              1. base of attachment for the cycloskeleton
                                                                1. gives support and maintain the shape of the cell
                                                              2. Cytoplasm
                                                                1. fluid component inside the plasma membrane
                                                                  1. mostly
                                                                    1. water
                                                                      1. salt
                                                                    2. function
                                                                      1. contain enzyme
                                                                        1. breaking down waste
                                                                          1. aid in metabolic activity
                                                                          2. gives shape to the cell
                                                                            1. place for organelles to expand and grow
                                                                              1. transport product ofcellular respiration
                                                                                1. act as buffer
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