What is at stake in the Colombian peace process?

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What is at stake in the Colombian peace process?
1 1. Let's brainstorm your ideas about Colombian conflict and the peace process with some images
2 3. Read the text and answer the following questions
2.1 1. When and where did the government and the FARC begin formal talks?
2.2 2. How many people have been killed in the armed conflict?
2.3 3. What other factors cause violence in Colombia?
2.4 4. Mention the points in which they have reached an agreement
2.5 5. When is the deadline for signing a final document?
2.6 6. What have some victims been critical of?
3 2. Skim the text. Match exercise
4 Objective
4.1 To identify what it is at stake in the Colombian peace process and to make predictions about it.
5 What did you learn today?
6 Next class and homework
6.1 Write 10 sentences making predictions about the Colombian peace process
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