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My Nutrition Homework, I could not get it to print properly

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1 Eatwell Plate
1.1 High fat/Sugar foods
1.1.1 Why we eat them Energy
1.1.2 Examples Chocolate Fizzy drinks
1.2 Meat, fish, eggs and beans
1.2.1 Why we eat them Source of protein which is needed for body growth and repair
1.3 Fruit and Vegateables
1.3.1 Examples Carrots Vitamin A Broccoli
1.3.2 Why we eat them Supply vitamins and minerals as well as fibre
1.4 Milk and Dairy foods
1.4.1 Why we eat them Supplies Protein and Vitamin D
1.4.2 examples Milk Cheese
1.5 Bread, Rice, Potatoes, pasta etc.
1.5.1 Why we eat them Carbohydrates-sorce of slow burning energy
2 Nutrients
2.1 Carbohydrates
2.1.1 Needed for energy
2.2 Protein
2.2.1 Needed for body growth and repair
2.2.2 deficiency desies Kwashiokor The body starts eating away at muscle tissue for energy, stomach bloats
2.3 Vitamins
2.3.1 Vitamin A Healthy Vision Healthy skin Deficiency desieses Nyctalopia Inability to see in the dark
2.3.2 Vitamin B Complex (thiamin, riboflavin and niacin) Release of energy form foods Healthy Skin
2.3.3 Vitamin C Healthy skin Protect Cells
2.3.4 Vitamin D earthy Bones and teeth
2.4 Minerals
2.4.1 Calcium growth of healthy teeth and bones
2.4.2 Iron Formation of red blood cells Aneamia
2.5 Fibre
2.5.1 Needed for health digestion
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