RHSB teaching and learning group

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RHSB teaching and learning group first meeting

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RHSB teaching and learning group
1 Raphael Heath
1.1 Head of Geography, GDST subject champion, specialism in IT and GIS
1.2 Interested in sharing ideas, engaging in discussions, taking on new ideas
1.3 Will run a session on online assessment to track progress and inform teaching
2 Emma Ellison
2.1 Academic deputy head
2.2 Interest in teaching and learning, how we bring on the less able, and girl centered learning
2.3 Will run a session on techniques to support less able
3 Laura Dixon
3.1 Head of IT and computer science
3.2 Interested to talk to others about techniques which work. Interest in research to study success of strategies and how to get to develop effective ways of thinking by students in her subject
3.3 Will run a session on using videos to get students to explain and learn concepts and to teach others
4 Claire James
4.1 Head of Classics, Latin and Greek
4.2 Interested in active learning approaches and use of continuous assessment for learning regularly in lessons. Ensuring teaching is lively and appealing and accessible to different abilities. Like idea of sharing short quick tips with staff.
4.3 Will run a session on assessment for learning strategies
5 Debs Cowell
5.1 Biology teacher and pupil counsellor, child protection
5.2 Interested in the ideas of Dylan Williams on formative assessment. Lots of little ways in which we can check understanding with classes. Also interested in understanding why students not engaged with lessons - considering emotional reasons as well as teaching methods. Also keen to find out more from pupil surveys
5.3 Will run a session about formative assessment techniques and another on emotional learning
6 Helen Nurse
6.1 Languages teacher German and French
6.2 Still learning new languages. Went to course on exploding neurological myths in education, such as left brain and right brain ideas. Also misconceptions about a fixed age window to learn languages. Interested in what research shows is genuinely useful to students.
6.3 Will lead a session on finding useful teaching ideas from neuroscience reserach
7 Anna Weston
7.1 IB coordinator, English teacher, CAS coordinator, TOK teacher and EE supervisor
7.2 IB is extending the approaches to teaching and learning into the Diploma program. Interested in sharing these ideas and getting ideas from others. Interest in communication and collaboration between students to promote learning.
7.3 Will run a session about ways students learn together collaboratively
8 Hannah Taylor
8.1 Chemistry teacher
8.2 In previous school there was a teaching and learning program which worked well
8.3 Will run a session on the stage of a lesson between delivery and practice
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