Can money buy happiness?

Kaloyan Mihalev
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Kaloyan Mihalev
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Do you agree that money can buy happiness? An 11th grader's mind map on this topic.

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Can money buy happiness?
  1. Yes?
    1. well-off are more optimistic
      1. medical point of view
        1. better healthcare
          1. rich tend to be thinner
          2. surveys
            1. Whitehall SUrvey UCS
              1. 17 000 civil servants
                1. top = low mortality rate
                  1. botoom = high mortality rate
                2. 1998 Town&County
                  1. richer people have...
                    1. better marriages
                      1. better friendship
                        1. more interesting jobs
                      2. US Study
                        1. high income class - healthier
                          1. low income class - less healthy
                        2. money represents convenience and time
                          1. convenience - necessities are readily available
                            1. time - buy someone else's time
                            2. how much money does it take to be rich ?
                              1. enough to never have to work again
                            3. No?
                              1. Dawn Wilby
                                1. Won 4 million pounds
                                  1. wasn't happy just laying around and waiting for happiness
                                2. money = misery
                                  1. executives with bonuses were unhappy
                                    1. jealousy
                                      1. greed
                                    2. lottery winner
                                      1. people ask for loans
                                        1. unhappiness or simply annoyance?
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