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  1. 1962 - The revolutionary idea
    1. The military wanted to some scientists for create a communication network, a system centralized; because in case of a war nuclear this survived, even if some computers are damaged.
    2. 1964 - BARAN Model
      1. Baran had the idea of created a network with the form of a spider web
        1. He created a hybrid using the star topology and mesh, in which data would travel dynamically, "searching" the clearest path and "waiting" if all routes were blocked. This technology "packet switching" was called.
      2. 1969 - ARPA
        1. An association created by the government EEUU for created a network "ARPANET".
          1. First, four computers connected between different universities of the country. Later, more a forty computers connected, for this the network It became obsolete
        2. 1982 - INTERNET
          1. At that time the world of networks was a bit chaotic, although ARPANET was still the "standard". In 1982, ARPANET adopted TCP / IP protocol and at that time was set Internet
          2. ARPANET continued to grow and open to the world, and anyone with academic or research purposes could access the network. Military functions broke away from ARPANET and went to MILNET, a new network created by the United States.
            1. 1985 - CYBERSPACE
              1. The Internet was already an established technology, though known by a few. At that time the network was basically textual, so the author was based on video games. Over time the word "cyberspace" ended up being synonymous with Internet.
              2. 1990 - WWW
                1. In search of a storage system and data recovery, are took the idea of using hyperlinks
                2. BROWSER
                  1. The new formula allowed logically link information and using networks. The content programming in hypertext language "tags" that assigned a function to each piece of content. Then, a computer program, an interpreter, were able to read those labels for despeglar information. The interpreter would be known as "browser"
                  2. 1993 - MOSAIC
                    1. Came the first version of the browser "Mosaic" to access more naturally to the WWW.
                    2. "..."
                      1. Thereafter Internet began to grow faster than other media, becoming what we all now know.
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