QB1 by Mike Lupica

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QB1 by Mike Lupica
1 Main Conflict
1.1 Cause- Jake is a freshmen trying out for the varsity team but he is too young.
1.2 Conflict or Problem- He is too young to try out for the varsity team.
2 Charicters
2.1 Name- Jake
2.1.1 Characteristic- Looks up to his dad and his brother.
2.1.2 Characteristic- Plays football.
2.2 Name- Wyatt
2.2.1 Characteristic- Plays football.
2.2.2 Characteristic- Jakes brother.
3 Setting
3.1 Place or location- Texas
3.2 Time- Presant
4 Theme
4.1 How bought out in book- Jake is trying to get better to try out for the varsity team.
4.2 Message or Theme- Jake is trying out for the varsity team.
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