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Pig Project - ending castration and spaying


Pig project
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Pig Project - ending castration and spaying
  1. EU Technical Working group with Eurogroup
    1. Meetings - 4 times a year
      1. Update emails
        1. Connections to other NGOs etc
        2. GPA - WbD/Waitrose
          1. Belgium Farm
            1. B2B with companies needing higher welfare pig meat as only using liver for pate for Waitrose
            2. Fumagalli
              1. Heavy pigs
              2. Spanish farms
                1. Gilts
                  1. males
                  2. German farms (yet to begin)
                    1. French Farms (yet to begin)
                    2. Articles when appropriate
                      1. Portugese article
                        1. Article for Sustainability website
                        2. Prensentations
                          1. ikea
                            1. Internal
                              1. Kaufland
                                1. Helping others with theres - eg. Peter Stevenson, USA
                                  1. resources
                                  2. EU Castration Project
                                    1. meetings at Brussels
                                      1. discussion groups
                                    2. Engaging retailers and manufacturers
                                      1. UK - continental supply
                                        1. German retailers
                                          1. Potential Kaufland project- trialling improvac to achieve 2017 goal of no castration
                                          2. Italian retailers
                                            1. Manufacturers
                                              1. Poland/Russia - Axzon
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