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Unit 7.3 & 7.4 : Overview: Making of the Modern World
Ahmed Almohammed
Quiz Valorisation économique
Anass ECP
Reasons for the Decline in Numbers Employed in the Primary Sector in the UK
Alex Collins
Roles of Education
Isobel Wagner
Marriage and Family Life - Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies Unit 3
USA stock market collapse
Emily Tisch
V Griffiths
Basic Economic Ideas
Li Xuan Law
Geography case studies 2
Why did the USA experience an economic boom in the 1920s?
Kinza Hussain
1 The economic is the science which study the take of decisions of people, governments and companies
1.1 what is that?
1.2 When
1.2.1 Shotage Inability to get What does it means?
1.2.2 Incentive Reward What does it means? These is divided by Macroeconomy Study the behavior and the performance of the national and global economic What does it means? Microeconomy Study the selections of everyone, companies, and market relationship What does it means? They comprise Globalization Expansion of international market Personal interest The way to how the people choose the decision to get a better alternative Social interest it is like if it is better as a social as everything Economic Thought Scope though the economic Benefit What you win Cost What or how much you have to give Election at the margin The cost of productivity plus(+) the increase All of theses make Economic scientist Positive statements What is that That means Policy statements How it should be That means Cause and effects These is divide by Economic model That means Economic politic Political counselor What is that?

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