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Globalisation Topic for GCSE

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1 What are the causes and effects of increasing global demand for energy?
1.1 The Global Demand for Energy is increasing
1.1.1 Technological advances have created loads of new devices that all need energy, e.g. computers, mobile phones and MP3 players. These are becoming more popular so more energy is needed.
1.1.2 In 2000 the world population was just over 6 billion and its projected to increase to just over 9 billion in 2050 - more people means more energy is needed.
1.2 Producing more energy has lots of impacts
1.2.1 Environmental Impacts Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide. This adds to global warming. Global Warming causes sea levels to rise, cause more severe weather and force species to move (to find better conditions) or make them instinct. Burning fossil fuels also releases other gases that dissolve in water in the atmosphere and cause acid rain (sulphur dioxide) Gathering wood for fuel can cause deforestation. Removing trees destroys habitats for animals and plants.
1.2.2 Social Impacts The waste from nuclear power plants is radioactive. If it leaks out it can cause major health issues. More power plants will have to be built to increase energy production - this means they will need a lot of space. People may have to move out of an area so a power plant can be built. Increasing energy production will increase jobs.
1.2.3 Economic Impacts Countries with lots of energy resources, e.g. lots of coal, will become richer as energy demand increases - countries with few resources will need to buy energy from them.
2 Globalisation and Food Supply
2.1 Producing More Food and Importing Food has Lots of Impacts
2.1.1 Environmental Impacts Transporting food produces Carbon Dioxide To produce more food some farmers use marginal land (land that's not suitable for farming) Imported food have to be transported a long way so have high food miles and a large carbon foot print. A large carbon footprint means more C02 and more global warming
2.1.2 Social Impacts Some farmers are switching from subsistence faming (where food is produced for their family) to commercial farming (where food is produced to sell). This is because they can make more money - quality of life
2.1.3 Ecomonic Impacts Using chemicals (e.g., fertilizer and pesticides) help to produce a lot of food - however they are expensive
3 Wind Farms - Advantages and Disadvantages
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