Federalism By Joseph Chandler

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Federalism By Joseph Chandler
1 Elelements
1.1 national, local and state governments have their own sovereign powers
1.2 the powers of the national and state government can overlap
1.3 checks and balances prevent one part or branch of the government from being too powerful
2 Trends
2.1 in the past decade some of the most important supreme court rulings involve federalism.
2.2 courts new limits on power creates accountability to the people in power, rather than the traditional rulings the series of de
2.3 today there is an effort to reduce national government powers giving greater strength to the state
3 Powers Granted to different persons
3.1 The executive branch is in charge of enforcing laws and the president is the nations leader and commander in chief this branch has the power to veto bills passed by congress
3.2 The judicial branch interprets the laws and the constitution of the united states and the judges of the supreme court have the power to declare laws unconstuiturional
3.3 the legislative branch or congress can write laws, ratify treaties, declare war and can impeach the president and supreme court justices
4 role of the Bill of Rights
4.1 The bill of rights was created to ensure that basic human liberties were protected
4.2 This bill helped the us constitution to be ratified
4.3 the bill of rights is still in place and is the centerpiece of american law and freedom
5 conflicts
5.1 there is a constant struggle between federal and state governments regarding authority and balance of power
5.2 the open ended language of the constitution can cause a difference in the interpretation of the broad powers designated.
5.3 the civil war was partially caused by the the struggle between national supremacy and states rights

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