Studying Deviance

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Accurate reliable and Knowledge about deviance

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Studying Deviance
1 Accurate and reliable knowledge about deviance
2 Social Data Sources
2.1 Offical Statistics
2.1.1 complid by various government organizations
2.1.2 Uniform Crime Reports (UCRs)
2.2 Survey Research
2.2.1 Data gathered through large -scale questionnaire surveys
2.3 Field research
2.3.1 Researchers become intimately familiar with subjects lives
2.3.2 Ethnography
3 Strengths and Weakness of Social Data Sources
3.1 Field Research
3.1.1 Low cost,
3.1.2 Long Time
3.1.3 Subjective approach
3.2 Official Statistics
3.2.1 Free/Cheap
3.2.2 Low Accuracy
3.2.3 Short Time
3.3 Survey Research
3.3.1 High Cost
3.3.2 High Generalizability
3.3.3 Objective Approach
4 Stages of Field Research
4.1 The Convert Role
4.2 The Overt Role
4.3 Developing Trust
4.4 Cross-Checking
5 Survey Research
5.1 Questionnarie
5.1.1 Content and quality of information
5.2 Sample Design
5.3 Mode of Administration
5.3.1 Face-to-face, telephone, or self-administrated
5.4 Coding and Analysis
5.5 Gaining cooperation
6 Child Abuse Reporting
6.1 Law passed that all professional must report child abuse
6.1.1 Sexual Abuse Physical Abuse Emotional Exploitation Physical neglect
6.1.2 Many children have been saved from serious injury and even death
6.2 Unreported cases
6.2.1 Unfounded Unsubstantiated Cases dismissed after investigation due to lack of evidence
6.2.2 Cases never reported
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