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Research Methods
1 Triangulation
1.1 Creates a more detailed picture
1.2 Increases validity
1.3 Checks data for correlation between methods
1.4 Not always possible due to funding/time/limited ways of collecting necessary data
1.5 Finds strengths and weaknesses
2 Preference and Knowledge
2.1 Stratification, class system
2.2 Topic which is popular at the time eg. EU Membership
3 Funding and Cooperation
3.1 Funding is given by charities, government or industries
3.2 Quantatative data is usually funded by governemt
3.3 'Gatekeeper' body which holds the money and decides on funding
3.4 Government will fund research based on policies eg. NHS
4 Researcher's career
4.1 Has the researcher done any similar research in the past?
4.2 Choose topics which will aid their employability
4.3 Will it be published?
4.4 Add to or disprove previous research
5 Reviewing the field
5.1 What has already been done? what needs to be done?
5.2 Critique existing data
5.3 Analyse material
5.4 is there a better way of doing it?
6 Research Questions
6.1 Answer 1 question
6.2 Focus on one part of the topic
6.3 Clear and easy research
6.4 Value free questions
7 Hypotheses
7.1 A statement that makes a prediction
7.2 Starting point
7.3 Written in 3rd person, never say 'I'
7.4 Terms such as 'democracy' should be operationalised (made measurable)
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