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Zara, Tia and Jake's mind map on grammar use in IOC

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  1. sentence types
    1. interrogative
      1. E.g. What are you doing?
      2. declarative
        1. E.g. I am the best
        2. imperative
          1. E.g. Put that down
          2. minor
            1. E.g. Oh God!
            2. exclamatory
              1. E.g. Stop right there!
            3. sentence complexity
              1. simple
                1. E.g. The cat ate the mouse
                2. complex
                  1. has more than one clause
                    1. E.g. He is a fine man who donates money to charity
                    2. compound
                      1. E.g. Tom is a guy and he wears a clown costume
                    3. punctuation
                      1. ellipsis
                        1. E.g. If only she had...
                          1. thought process
                          2. question marks
                            1. E.g. Are you sure you want to do that?
                              1. exclamation marks
                                1. E.g. Get out!
                                2. quotation marks
                                3. verb phrase
                                  1. tense forms
                                    1. modal verbs
                                      1. active/passive
                                        1. E.g active - dancing or passive - think
                                        2. stative/dynamic
                                        3. noun phrase
                                          1. pronouns
                                            1. E.g. he, we, I etc.
                                            2. proper nouns
                                              1. e.g Europe, Sarah
                                              2. abstract/concrete nouns
                                                1. E.g abstract - love, hope
                                                  1. E.g. concrete - pencil
                                                  2. pre-modification
                                                    1. post modification
                                                    2. adverbial phrase
                                                      1. gives extra information about what, where & when
                                                        1. E.g.
                                                        2. expresses tone/feeling/mood
                                                          1. E.g. sadly, unfortunately
                                                          2. placement has an effect
                                                            1. E.g. Unfortunately, he fell down or He fell down, unfortunately
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