Executive Branch

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Executive Branch

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Executive Branch
1 Executive Branch is made up of the president, vice president and the Cabinet
2 The power is vested in the president
2.1 He's also the head of state and the commander and chief of the armed forces
3 The president is in control of and enforsement of the laws
4 Current president:Obama
4.1 Current Vice President:Joe Biden
4.1.1 A Vice President come into office when the president dies, impeached, or simply resignes
4.1.2 Current secretary or state: John Kerry
5 Cabinet: Made up of 15 departments
5.1 Department of agriculture
5.1.1 Department of commerce Department of defence Department of education
5.2 Department of energy
5.2.1 Department of health and human services Department of Homeland Security Department of housing and urban development Department of interior Department of justice Department of labor Department of state Department of transportation Department of treasury Department of Veteran Affairs
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