Evil Star

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Evil Star
    1. Matt
      1. Matt (Matthew Freeman) is the protagonist (main character) in the story. He lives with Richard until they loose each other in Peru where he adopts the name Matteo to blend in.
        1. He is one of the Five Gatekeepers.
        2. Pedro
          1. Pedro meets Matt in Peru where he joins him on the mission to keep the second gate closed.
            1. He is one of the Five Gatekeepers.
            2. Salamanda
              1. Salamanda is a very rich and powerful man who lives in Peru. His only inention is to capture Matt so he doesn't ruin his plans for world domination.
              2. Richard
                1. Richard is an journalist who travels with Matt everywhere and tries to never leave his side.
                2. Atoc
                  1. Atoc is one of the Incas who help Matt and Pedro when they are in Peru.
                  2. The Nexus
                    1. The Nexus is a group of 12 people who protect and assist the Gatekeepers and the world.
                    2. Fabian
                      1. Fabien is one of the 12 members of The Nexus and goes to Peru to meet Matt there. He is found to have betrayed Matt and The Nexus.
                      2. The Incas
                        1. The Incas are a group of decendents from an almost extinct tribe. They use magic to keep them selves away from tourists and help Matt and Pedro to try and stop the gate opening.
                      3. SETTING
                        1. The story stars in England, Eastfield but most of the story takes place in Peru.
                          1. Eastfield
                            1. This is where Matt used to go to school before he came to Peru to try and close the gate.
                            2. St Meridith
                              1. This is the place in England where Matt would meet Dr. William Morton who was the owner of the Diary.
                              2. Lima
                                1. Lima is the first town Matt visits when he is in Peru. This also the first place where he meets Pedro.
                                2. Poison Town
                                  1. Poison Town is a small village where Pedro lives. Its got its name because there is always disease around here.
                                  2. Ica
                                    1. Ica is the first place Matt looks in attempt to find Richard after he was mysteriously kidnapped.
                                    2. Cuzco
                                      1. This is where Matt and Pedro are sent to go by a man who saved them in Ica.
                                      2. Vilcabamba
                                        1. Matt was brought to Vilcabamba by the Incas after the police found him in Cuzco and the Incas had to save them.
                                    3. UNDERYING MESSAGE
                                      1. The underlying message is that good always defeats evil in the end.
                                      2. PLOT SUMMARY
                                        1. The story starts of in a city called Eastfield. This is where Matt goes to school. Soon afterwards, Matt goes to Peru to try and close the second gate which is about to open.
                                        2. THE POWER OF FIVE
                                          1. Anthony Horowitz
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