The government took control of ...

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Defence of the realm act

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The government took control of ...
1 Licencing Hours
1.1 Pubs could only work 2 hours at lunchtime and 2 hours in the evening
1.1.1 This was to make sure the workers were awake and sober
2 Rationing
2.1 Foods were rationed
2.1.1 The government took over land and used it for farm production
3 British Summer Time
3.1 New British summertime hours were introduced
3.1.1 The government moved the clocks forward by an hour in the summer This allowed extended factory hours
4 Mines and railways
4.1 Mines and railways were taken over by the government
4.1.1 This meant production of coal could be prioritised for the war
5 Censorship
5.1 Newspapers and radio broadcasts were censored
5.1.1 The government could control what people heard about war
5.1.2 They could make sure everyone continued to support the war
6 Propaganda
6.1 Propaganda posters were put up
6.1.1 This was to make sure the public helped and supported the war
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