Muslim beliefs

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Muslim beliefs
1 Tawhid
1.1 oneness and unity of Allah
1.2 Surah 112
1.3 'He is Allah, The One and Only'
2 The nature of Allah
2.1 Immanent
2.1.1 Present in the universe
2.1.2 To say Allah is part of human life, can act in human affairs and can affect daily life
2.1.3 There are signs of Allah all around us
2.1.4 He hears and sees all things
2.2 Transcendant
2.2.1 Outside the created world
2.2.2 Not limited by the rules of nature or time that affects human beings
2.2.3 He is beyond time and space
2.2.4 Nothing is like Him
3 Names of Allah (Attributes)
3.1 God forgives people
3.1.1 The Forgiving
3.1.2 Al Ghaffur
3.2 God rules over people
3.2.1 The King
3.2.2 Al-Malik
3.3 God creates everything
3.3.1 The Creator
3.3.2 Al Mutakabbir
4 Life after death
4.1 Heaven
4.1.1 Righteous people
4.1.2 Peaceful
4.1.3 Jannah
4.2 Hell
4.2.1 Jahannum
4.2.2 Punishment
4.2.3 Disbelievers
4.3 Timeline
4.3.2 Birth- Temporary - Womb humans are contingent beings- have a beginning and end
4.3.3 Death- Temporary-Tomb this is known as the waiting period/ barzakh
4.3.4 Day of judgement-Temporary trumpet will be blown sun will rise from east everyone resurrected
4.3.5 Afterlife- Eternal based on your actions in the world life your abode will be heaven or hell
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