Parts of Speech

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definitions, examples of parts of speech

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Parts of Speech
1 Parts of Speech
1.1 Nouns
1.1.1 persons, places, things
1.1.2 proper and common
1.2 Verbs
1.2.1 states of being examples: is, are, was,
1.2.2 action examples: run, jump, play irregular forms like ring, rang, rung transitive and intransitive tenses: present, past, past participle, future infinitives--to run gerunds--running
1.2.3 modals like should, could
1.3 Adjectives
1.3.1 describe nouns, pronouns
1.3.2 comparative--better, longer
1.3.3 superlative--best, longest
1.4 adverbs
1.5 prepositions
1.6 conjunctions
1.7 interjections
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