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Brief outline of Schistosomiasis

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  1. Causative Organism - Schistosome
    1. 4 Intestinal (Mansoni - Africa & Middle East) (Japonicum - China, Philippines) (Mekongi - Laos, Cambodia) (Guineensis - Rain Forest Central Africa)
      1. 1 Urogenital (Haematobium - Africa, Middle East)
          1. Life Cycle of the Schistisome
            1. Capable of burrowing into Human skin, Disease caused by Body's Immune reaction to presence of Parasitic eggs, Infected person can transmit via Faeces & Urine, Cercariae can survive in open water for up to 7 days, Adult Worms if untreated remain active for up to 5 years, the female will continue to lay eggs throughout lifespan
        1. Symptoms
          1. Acute - Weekly Development
            1. Symptoms: Flu-like Fever, High Temperature (Above 38oC WHO), Muscle Aches, Headaches, Anemia, Skin Rash ( Red, Blotchy, Raised,"Swimmers Itch"), Sporadic Coughing, Scarring of the Bladder, Lymph Node Enlargement
              1. Female Specific: Lesions of the Cervix, Bleeding after Intercourse, Genital Ulcers, Irregular Menstration
            2. Chronic - Monthly Development
              1. Symptoms: Cystitis, Fatigue, Haematuria (Blood in the Urine), Incontinence, Watery & Bloody Diarrhoea, Vomitting Blood, Paralysis of the Legs (If parasite reaches Central Nervous System)
            3. Global Distribution Of Schistosomiasis - World Health Organisation
              1. Treatment & Prevention
                1. Adult Worms eradicated through medication (Prazquiantel) remnants broken down by the Body
                  1. Serious Health problems in those who are malnourished or dehydrated. NHS claims 72 reported cases between 2011-2012. 2nd most common disease caused by parasite after Malaria. 243 million cases worldwide; 90% occurrence in Sub-Saharan Africa (WHO)
                    1. Insect repellent DEET (Diethyltolumide) at 50% concentration immediately kills parasites after exposure
                      1. Steroid Medication (Corticosteroids) relieve symptoms of acute Schistosomiasis and help control allergic reaction to eggs
                        1. Prevention: Wearing waterproof clothing, Boil or Filter water before consumption, aim for clear patches of water with minimal vegetation, dry yourself as soon as exiting water
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