Do you feel like playing a board game?

Jana Romeo8459
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A self-made map to find board games to play

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Do you feel like playing a board game?
1.1 Do you feel like solving a murder together?
1.1.1 NO Do you want to build a city? YES Do you like card games? YES Play Machi Koro with the new expansion NO Build skyscrapers in New York 1901 NO What about some farming? YES Grow rice and please the Spirits of the Rice Paddy NO Then a word game? YES Patent the right letters in Letter Tycoon NO Not sure what you want? Have a look at the 504 possibilities of playing this game Still not finding anything you like? Maybe I'm repeating myself, but... I don't think you understood the question
1.1.2 YES Mysterium is the game for you
2 NO
2.1.1 Read the question again
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