To what extent did the Port of Melbourne influence the development of Melbourne as a modern urban en

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To what extent did the Port of Melbourne influence the development of Melbourne as a modern urban en
1 Economy
1.1 Puts a large amount of money back into the community
1.2 the port is a government owned thingy and as such all of the profit that it makes is put back into the governments and used for a various number of things like improvement of infastrucure and other stuff
1.3 the import and export of products provides for the markets and selling of goods which is a major driving force for the economy
1.4 Provides a large number of jobs to many people
2 infrastructure
2.2 Makes up a prominent part of the city of melbourne
2.4 Upgrades for the port are planned in the future
2.4.1 Improvements in the size of the ships that can unload at the port
2.4.2 Improvements in the amount of storage at the port the improvement in storage will help the city as it means they will be able to bring in more products at an increased rate
2.5 Separated into different area's, for example liquid goods
3 geographic characteristics
3.1 The river was re-routed
3.2 the island itself is partially man made
3.3 Divided into a wide range of sectors which assists in organisation
4 Security
4.1 Container checks
4.2 Staff have to go through customs to disembark then ship
5 Social
5.1 Improves conectedness with other countries around the world
5.2 It is home to a number of different countries and companies
6 Political
6.1 the port is government
6.1.1 This means that it is open to government change at their behest
7 the port itself as it stands does not have the best stability as it is unable to accomadate the increasing sizes of ships, but changes are planned to fix this issue
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