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Culture and Identity


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Culture and Identity
  1. Class
    1. Upper
      1. Middle
        1. Working
          1. Demonized by the rest of society
          2. Marxist
            1. Bourgeoisie
              1. Exploitation of proletariats
              2. Proletairiat
            2. Race
              1. Gender
                1. Learnt through socialisation, ultimately decided by an individual.
                2. Culture: refers to the language, beliefs, values and norms, customs, roles, knowledge and skills which combine to make up the 'way of life' in any society
                  1. Subculture
                    1. A group of people within an existing culture that has different norms, values and beliefs.
                      1. Punk
                        1. Hip Hop
                          1. Emo
                            1. Mods
                              1. Rockers
                                1. New Romantic
                                  1. Glam Rock
                                2. Mass Culture
                                  1. Popular Culture
                                    1. According to consensus/majority
                                    2. Global Culture
                                      1. Aspects of society shared throughout the world
                                      2. Folk Culture
                                        1. Culture that is passed down
                                      3. Types of socialisation
                                        1. Primary: occurs in the home
                                          1. Family
                                            1. Religion
                                            2. Secondary: occurs outside of the home, not all are secondary.
                                              1. Education
                                                1. The Formal Curriculum
                                                  1. Schools deliver knowledge of culture to children
                                                2. Peer Groups
                                                  1. Early Friendships
                                                    1. Young children will be very responsive to other children and begin to form friendships when they are about three-four
                                                  2. Media
                                                    1. Copycat Behaviour
                                                      1. Bandura: claimed that children model after the role models on television
                                                  3. Tertiary: occurs when an individual is forced to adapt
                                                    1. Work
                                                      1. Canteen Culture
                                                        1. Workers understand the practiices of the other employees beliefs and become accustomed to them
                                                  4. Perspectives
                                                    1. Marxist
                                                      1. New Right
                                                        1. Post- Modernist
                                                          1. Feminist
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