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Academic Writting (Punctuation Rules) Mind Map on Punctuation, created by katarzynanna on 11/21/2013.

Created by katarzynanna almost 6 years ago
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1 Commas
1.1 Introducer
1.1.1 Follows any element before independent clause
1.2 Coordinator
1.2.1 Before FAN BOYS For And Nor But Or Yet So
1.3 Inserter
1.3.1 Before & After the insertion in Independent Clause
1.4 Tag
1.4.1 Before added elements at the end
2 Semicolons
2.1 Between 2 independent clauses
2.2 Before connectors
2.2.1 Conjunctive Adverb Nevertheless, Moreover, However, Therefore, Furthermore
2.2.2 Transition phrases For example, As a result, That is, In fact
2.3 Between Items in a Series
2.3.1 if at least one of the items contains comma
3 Colons
3.1 Before Lists
3.2 Before Appositives
3.2.1 He has one great love in his life: himself.
3.3 Before Long Quatotaions
3.4 Before Subtitles
3.5 In expression of time
3.5.1 12:00
3.6 After Salutation in Formal Letter
3.6.1 To whom it may concern:

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