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Word Image Options


Word Image Options
Lukas Gray
Mind Map by Lukas Gray, updated more than 1 year ago
Lukas Gray
Created by Lukas Gray over 6 years ago

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Word Image Options
  1. In Line with text
    1. If you pick this option, the image will be seen as sort of a large single character
      1. It's the top option
      2. Wrapped
        1. Types
          1. Tight ( Middle, )
            1. Square ( Top Right)
              1. Through ( Left)
                1. Top and Bottom ( Bottom Right )
                2. The text would be around the image, the optuions are just where you want the writing to be aroudn the image. It is anchored to a specific paragraph. The image can be moved and the writing would automatically wrap around the text
                3. Outside
                  1. Infront
                    1. This would pull the image forward, over the text, you can not see the text through the image
                    2. Behind
                      1. This pushes the image back behind the image, meaning that you can see the text on top of the image
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