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Target Audience


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Target Audience
  1. Gender
    1. Male / Female
      1. Mainly Male because they would be able to relate to the main singer
      2. AGE
        1. The age of our target audience would be 16 - 25 year olds, due to the style/genre of the music video, we believe that it would appeal to the younger generation more than the older generation
        2. Life Stage
          1. The life stage of our target audience would be from Higher education and University students, this is because during this period, it is stereotypical that this specific audience are going to parties, studying for their exams and becoming more social with other people.
          2. Beliefs and attitudes
            1. Our target audience would have an outgoing carefree attitude towards life, and will always take an opportunity to have fun
            2. Other music they might like
              1. As our genre is "Alternative hip-hop", our target audience would be interested in a variety of artist of different genres because the style of alternative hip-hop is very similar to other genres such as hip-hop, or rap music.
              2. What brands / products might they use or like?
                1. The brands/products that our target audience might use are expensive brands so that they can express their individualism to the public. The idea of being different would be greatly influenced on what our target audience would buy when it comes to brands and certain products.
                2. Hobbies / interests
                  1. For our target audience, we believe that their hobbies/interests include skateboarding, gaming and going to a lot of parties/festivals.
                  2. Why does this music appeal to them - what do they "get" out of it?
                    1. They like it because it is original and it's twist on the hip-hop genre that they also enjoy
                      1. Audience may be able to emphasise with the lyrics e.g. the older audience would be able to relate to the lyrics as it would remind them of there childhood
                        1. The audience would be able to Identify with the image and the style of the singer. E.g the way the singer acts, and his fashion sense
                        2. Tribes
                            1. Young Alt
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