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Consuming Resources


Edexcel GCSE Geography B Evolving Planet
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Consuming Resources
  1. Theories differences
    1. Malthus
      1. Food production would increase arithmetically as population increases exponentially.
        1. High pop. would outstrip the food supply resulting to famine and conflict over food
          1. Famines eg. Africa
        2. Boserup
          1. Food production could keep pace with the pop.
            1. New ways of farming
            2. 'Necessity is the mother of invention'
              1. Technology eg. Gm crops would be introduced to feed the rising pop. so that they wouldn't starve
            3. Malthus was wrong and Boserup was right as food increased rapidly
            4. Describe 2 trends in global oil production
              1. The rate of growth slowed over time
                1. oil production has stayed stable between 1965 and 2010 with around 500 - 550.
                  1. Referring to this graph
                  2. Disadvantages of renewable resources
                    1. Wind and solar energy are weary sustainable but are very expensive
                      1. Not as efficient as NRR
                        1. Requires a lot of land to generate energy
                          1. Wind energy is very unreliable
                          2. National and local government policies
                            1. Local Government
                              1. Encourage schools to teach children about resource consumption, which will encourage more families to recycle or composition.
                                1. Posters to inform people about resource consumption
                                  1. Switch it off campaigns
                                    1. People are strongly encouraged to turn switches off from a certain time
                                      1. Can also be nationally
                                    2. National
                                      1. Increase car taxes, reduces the no. of car owners as cars won't be as affordable.
                                        1. Conservation
                                          1. Prevention of fossil fuel usage
                                      2. Consumption of oil fairies from different places
                                        1. America - rich
                                          1. A lot of money, to get access to a lot of oil
                                            1. Needs more energy due to a high population
                                              1. It only has 5% of the worlds pop. but consumes 20% of the worlds oil
                                                1. Has enough cars for nearly every person in USA, so the oil used would be significantly high.
                                              2. Bangladesh - poor
                                                1. Can't afford to import the oil across
                                                  1. Therefore there is very limited use of oil
                                                  2. Doesn't have the material or ground to dig up oil. So they would have to import oil across
                                                2. Possible result of food required exceeding food produced
                                                  1. Due to shortages of food the pop. will collapse
                                                    1. There could be a rise in food prices as there is more demand in food.
                                                      1. There could be conflict be between countries over foodU
                                                      2. Likely there will be more pressure on energy supplies. Why?
                                                        1. Shortage of food
                                                          1. Causing prices to rise as there is more demand for supply
                                                            1. This global economic growth
                                                            2. Changing International Relations
                                                              1. Lead to rising demand in resource industrialisation eg. China
                                                                1. Keeping fossil fuels rather than exporting the due to little amounts of resources around
                                                            3. Ways in which technology can fix problems of declining resources
                                                              1. Gm crops developed, resistant to certain pests and developed to grow in areas of harsh dry climates eg. Abu Dhabi
                                                                1. The hydro-cars in California only runs on water and doesn't give of any greenhouse gasses
                                                                  1. Google 9200 solar panels in California, provides 30% of their electricity, so they are reducing the amount of fossil fuels being used.
                                                                    1. Natural history museum in California use natural light and no electrical lights are needed- less demand for energy.
                                                                      1. Natural history museum has natural insulation from roof, no need for insulation
                                                                        1. No need for heaters, reducing the fossil fuel consumption being used in california
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