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Invento de Ingles

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  1. What is te problem or necesity ?
    1. When the person does have time of preparing his food and when is very hard to cook, it will give the posibiliti to cook very well.
    2. How will it work ?
      1. This machine work with easy system. The macine have met hods, to introduce the ingridients and inside the machine will hav a robott, the robot will prepare everything you want.
      2. Characteristics
        1. -Atomatic - Swift - Easy Handling - Distictt, options of use - Keyboard tactil -Light
        2. Materials prototype or original
          1. Box, paper selofan, poly stylene, acetato, button.
          2. what will it do ?
            1. It will prepare delicious dishes automatically, reduce the time. to 30 minutes to cook.
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