How it's made: Cake

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How it's made: Cake

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How it's made: Cake
  1. Flavours
    1. Ingredients
      1. Taste
        1. Sweetner
          1. Caster sugar
            1. Specific heat
              1. Non-enzymatic browning
                1. Manipulations
                  1. May be under cooked
                2. 80 degrees
                  1. Hardening of gluten
                    1. Maintains stronger structure
                3. Prevents too much CO2
                  1. Stops bonding of protein chains
                  2. Butter
                    1. Fluffy texture
                4. preference
                  1. Cocoa powder
                    1. Vanilla extract
                  2. Self-raising flour
                    1. Leavening agent
                      1. Produces CO2
                        1. Fluffy Texture
                        2. Flour
                          1. Gluten
                            1. Structure
                              1. Protein chains
                                1. Eggs
                                  1. denaturing of the proteins
                                    1. Shape
                                      1. Compound (acid/base)
                                        1. Baking soda (acid/alkaline)
                              2. Elasticity
                                1. Fibres, stretchy webs
                            2. Baking soda
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