Why have you chosen to do this degree here and now?

Careen Latoya La
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Careen Latoya La
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Why have you chosen to do this degree here and now?
  1. Previous experience
    1. How has it led to this?
    2. Importance
      1. Of the course
        1. How significant is this course for you in relation to your end goal?
          1. What other interests do you have?
            1. Why did you choose to pursue this course as opposed to any of your other interests?
            2. How long have you been thinking about doing this course?
              1. Why did you opt to do it now?
            3. Of progression for you
              1. What is your current role?
                1. How long have you been in this role?
              2. Of the university
                1. What attracted you to this university?
              3. End goal
                1. How long will it take for you to arrive at your end goal?
                  1. What is it that you hope to obtain at the end of this course?
                  2. Inspiration
                    1. Family
                      1. How supportive are your family of you?
                        1. Do you have anyone who is dependent on you (e.g. children, spouse)
                        2. What initially inspired you to do this degree?
                          1. Is there anything else which has inspired you?
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