Hamlet - Act 1 - Characters

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Hamlet, act 1 characters

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Hamlet - Act 1 - Characters
1 Hamlet
1.1 Son to late, and nephew to present King
1.2 Appears to be isolated and in black, gloomy and sardonic , disillusioned at life
1.3 Dutiful and affectionate son who respected his father
1.4 Father's death was heartfelt, highly emotional and sensitive
1.5 Not afraid of ghost, he follows it bravely. He's courageous
1.6 His thoughts turn to death in his soliloquy, but the thoughts of religion prevents him
2 Claudius
2.1 King of Denmark
2.2 Murderer, killed his own brother
2.3 Smiling villain
2.4 Usurper
2.5 Adulterer
2.6 Acts like a rightful king and a striking courtly figure
2.7 Courteous, dignified
2.8 Man of words
2.9 Handles affairs of state with confidence
2.10 Speech is excessive, stilted and artificial
3 Ophelia
3.1 Daughter to Polonius
3.2 Dutiful
3.3 Young and innocent
3.4 Loves Hamlet
4 Horatio
4.1 Friend to Hamlet
4.2 Respectful
4.3 Hamlet trusts him
5 Ghost
5.1 Hamlet's father
6 Polonius
6.1 Lord Chamberlain
6.2 Loyal to the throne
6.3 Man of the world - Advice to Laertes is worldly-wise
6.4 Unsympathetic towards Ophelia - he cares about his postion in court
7 Laertes
7.1 Son to Polonius
7.2 Cares about his sister
8 Voltimad
8.1 Courtier
9 Cornelius
9.1 Courtier
10 Francisco
10.1 Soldier
11 Bernardo
11.1 Officer
12 Marcellus
12.1 Officer
13 Queen
13.1 Queen of Denmark, mother to Hamlet
13.2 Appears to be weak and shallow
13.3 Loved the King
13.4 Within a month married Claudius
13.5 Cold and unsympathetic to Hamlet mourning
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